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Our Recovery Community Center is located at  2520 - 2nd St. N. Minneapolis, MN 55411. Our facility is where members find community in a safe environment. It's a place to find hope, resilience, and personal growth - all critical elements for lifelong health and recovery.

We offer small group activities each week that provide a positive outlet for individuals. Program staff and dedicated volunteers facilitate yoga, exercise, and nutrition classes to help promote healthy living and mindfulness.   We offer larger group meetings offered in the morning and evening. These meetings are offered six days a week and currently host, on average, over 300 individuals per week and the meetings are only growing more popular in the community. At these meetings, there are speakers to talk about their own recovery journeys, home cooked meals are sometimes served, and there are facilitated group conversations. 

Will Work for Recovery also offers community-based events for everyone to attend such as football watch parties, softball games, and cookouts. These events act not only as a celebration of sobriety, but help show clients how to navigate life, have fun, and create a positive sober community. These events are attended consistently and are a cornerstone of the community at Will Work for Recovery.


Our Facility Offers:
  • Daily Recovery Support Meetings

  • Safe, comfortable surroundings

  • Relevant Topic Speakers

  • Gym/Workout equipment area

  • Multiple Meeting Rooms

  • Computer Lab

  • Resume Writing Support

  • Financial Budgeting Support

  • Game & Entertainment Area

  • Monthly Sober Social Activities

  • Weekly BBQ and Social Time w/ Recovery Community

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