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In today’s world, social media is a powerful tool to offset the sensational and demeaning mass media portrayals of people caught in addiction’s downward spiral. By sharing your story, you share the possibilities of a better life and the empowerment accompanying recovery. We want to publish as many faces and voices of recovery on our various social media accounts as possible. We believe effective messaging can help eliminate shame and secrecy, challenge deeply rooted social stigmas, and facilitate a positive conversation about addiction and recovery in our community.


Story Sharing Guidelines: 

  • Include how long you have in recovery (can be in general or specific)! The key is to focus on your recovery journey instead of your addiction journey.

  • Briefly include where you were at your low point and what helped you get through that low point. Did someone help you? A specific program? How

  • Add a few points of encouragement. What helpful insight have you gained to share with those who are still struggling? What do you do today that helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle?


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